May 23, 2023

Stoneville® Cotton

The most committed cottonseed brand, with a continuous vision to drive grower value for generations.

Stoneville® Cotton sets the standard in seed quality. Offering growers a choice of diverse attributes originating from industry0leading germplasm, Stoneville varieties provide effective solutions across a wide range of farming regions. That's how Stoneville Cotton continues to deliver top yields and more value to local cotton economies today and into the future.

Stoneville® Cotton offers growers diverse varieties that deliver high performance from planting and emergence to harvest. Wherever and however they farm, growers can depend on the outstanding quality of Stoneville cottonseeds to consistently generate top yields.

For nearly 100 years, the Stoneville brand has created value for cotton growers. This value comes from more than just superior weed control and improved return on investment.


Ryan Schaul
Ryan Schaul
Manager, Global Brand and Marketing Communications, Seeds & Traits