January 6, 2014

Wohnen + Bauen

Wohnen + Bauen - our brand for providing living space near the Ludwigshafen site and for innovative solutions in constructing and modernizing buildings.


BASF has been building residential properties in Ludwigshafen and the surrounding areas for more than 100 years and BASF Wohnen + Bauen is constantly developing the areas to adapt them to modern requirements. This is our contribution to urban development, helping a lot of people to find their perfect home with us – from shared apartments for apprentices to detached houses and homes suitable for older people. We apply sustainable solutions in the fields of construction and housing to combine economic success, social responsibility and environmental protection. With our projects we create showcases for BASF products.

Kerstin Theis
Kerstin Theis
Hohenzollernhöfe Ludwigshafen. Foto: Udo Geisler
Last Update January 6, 2014