July 3, 2019


Better oversight, less risk and more reliability for your planning and decision-making – xarvio – Digital Farming Solutions helps you make optimum use of your fields and field zones.


Simply and straightforward. You increase efficiency, save time, optimize crop production while making a contribution to sustainable agriculture. xarvio offers digital products, based on a global leading crop model platform, which delivers independent field-zone-specific agronomic advice enabling farmers to produce their crops most efficiently. We started to develop our algorithms more than 25 years ago, on real fields. The xarvio products SCOUTING, FIELD MANAGER and HEALTHY FIELDS are being used by farmers in more than 100 countries worldwide.


With our xarvio portfolio farmers can increase yields, while reducing costs and environmental impacts. This way we will able to optimize the worldwide food production in a sustainable way.



Onur Cinar
Onur Cinar
Global Commercialization Manager Mobile Solutions
xarvio™ FIELD MANAGER features continue to grow in 2020. Supporting more than 17,000 farmers on more than two million hectares globally, the new crop optimization features aim to bring higher returns on investments in the field based on the successes of last year.
Last Update July 3, 2019