All you need to know about becoming a brand ambassador at BASF

The BASF Tool for Brand Management

  • Learn to know how to work with the Brand Portal, and its navigation structure
  • With this short Brand-in-a-minute video you get an introduction how to work with the Brand Portal

We provide training sessions virtually or face to face for:

  • Brand Basic Training
  • Corporate Design Training
  • Touchpoint Training

For BASF employees, we offer a broad range of recorded trainings to relevant branding topics (e.g. Corporate Design, Key Visual, Strategy Visual).

A brand management tool which represents the peak performances of our Corporate Brand. The so called “Guiding Principles” are the working tool to implement the BASF Value Proposition which is further explained in the Brand Portal.


The Value Proposition describes:

  • Our competencies (what we are best at)
  • The resulting benefits for our stakeholders (what our stakeholders get)
  • Our values (what we are like)

Brand-in-a-minute video about the BASF Value Proposition.

Consistent visual appearance for a characteristic identity
of BASF and its applications


  • Corporate Design: The BASF Logo, Corporate Colors, Logo bar, Typeface, Visual Style and specific adaptions for measures
  • Downloadcenter: Here you find all important templates for download
  • Brand-in-a-minute video about the BASF Logo
  • Brand-in-a-minute video about the Corporate Colors
  • The Visual Stye determines the appearance of BASF. Brand-in-a-minute video about the Visual Style

The Corporate Brand Architecture is our strategic brand management tool which manages the relationship between BASF Corporate Brand and its individual brands, Companion Brand and Satellite Brand.

In order to obtain the brand categorization, Brand Champions and Brand Consultants are supporting Brand Managers with an evaluation process. During this process, the individual brand is being evaluated regarding its strategic positioning in the market and the needs and requirements of its customers.

  • For approved individual brands, design guidelines are developed for a correct implementation of its Corporate Design and function as the base for a consistent brand appearance across all touchpoints.
  • Design guidelines for individual brands are accessible in the Companion Brand Portal, in the Satellite Brand Portal, or via request through the respective Brand Manager.
  • An overview of all evaluated individual brands is available in here.

A brand alliance is a strategic decision, marketing tool. It is a close co-operation between BASF and an external partner.


Finding a suitable name for company’s organizational units,
products and services

  • Naming workshop to find a name which contributes positively to our corporate brand BASF


Find the right touchpoints which contribute to the brand


  • Active management of touchpoints along brand rules
  • Brand touchpoint prioritization impact / feasibility matrix
  • Brand-in-a-minute video about Brand Touchpoints


Most important contacts for Brand Management


List of all:


Brand Measurement/Status