The Corporate Brand Architecture of BASF













Brand categories

We differentiate between three brand categories:


Especially in times with volatile markets, when price and performance competition is increasing, we need a strong BASF brand. It provides orientation and trust, inside and outside BASF.

We also need strong individual brands to help us selling our products and meeting specific market needs. Individual brands are products or services using a brand name, own logo, a value proposition and a well-defined connection to the BASF brand.

It is important to find the right balance between a strong Corporate Brand and strong individual brands. Ideally, the individual brands make their contribution to the core of the BASF brand and vice versa.

With the new BASF Corporate Brand Architecture, we provide strategic direction and generate synergies between our brands.”


Dr. Martin Brudermüller



Visualization of the corporate brand architecture

The Corporate Design is the binding element to visualize the Brand Architecture.

Here you see examples for the connection to the brand touch point management.


Brand evaluation


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