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Flags are a striking visual signal with a touch of sovereignty. Every BASF site should therefore have a number of flags marking entrances which are relevant for visitors.

Regardless of existing individual brands, BASF sites are always equipped with flags which only present the BASF logo placed on one of our corporate colors.

Depending on national commercial practice national, state or regional flags can be displayed together with BASF flags.


BASF logo on buildings

The brand visible from a distance

Only few sites which are easily visible are suitable for this type of sign. Such an investment in brand awareness is only worthwhile if the prominently placed BASF logo is visible for a large external audience in the area around the BASF site.

  • The BASF logo appears on the facade or roof of the building.
  • The BASF logo has to be displayed always in either black or white and completely with the claim.
  • The claim can only be left out if it is not legible due to the large distance.
  • An optimal contrast and legibility of the BASF logo are the key factor in choosing the logo’s color.
  • As a change in the facade surface is not possible, the corporate colors are not used as a background for the BASF logo here.

  • The responsible Brand Champion consults the brand consultants for exceptions.
  • Sites where BASF individual brands are represented also use only BASF signs, as these are also BASF company sites.

Plants, tanks and smokestacks

Only in rare cases plants, tanks and smokestacks are labelled with the BASF logo. This would be only the case when it will support a positive image for the brand BASF as well as when the expense and effort are justified by the expected benefit.

The decision whether or not to put the logo on such a site will be made by the site management together with the Brand Champion responsible for that site.


Panel system

The use of the panel system is mandatory on all BASF sites!
They always show the BASF logo, provide information about the site’s function and can be used as directions.

The panels should consist of white plates and should be mounted between two gray square pipes. If the panels are attached to a wall, the visual impression of individual panels should be maintained.


We do not use the logos of individual brands on panel systems. Brand names may be used as part of a unit’s designation in the text.


If the use of free-standing panel signs is not possible due to local conditions, the panels can be attached to a wall.

If special formats are needed, pay attention to a proportional scaling of the system to ensure the recognizability.


  • The standard format for panels is 20 x 120 cm.
  • Between the panels is a space of 1 cm.
  • The bottom panel must be at least 90 cm above the ground.
  • If the size of the panel is changed, the proportions must be maintained.
  • If there are long texts and subordinate information within the panel, the size of the lettering is 1/4 the height of the panel.

Note: Product and performance brands can only display their brand name as text with a trademark symbol on panel signs. They may not display their logo.


The use of the panel system is mandatory on all BASF sites! This is true as well for buildings and production facilities that are used exclusively or partially by external companies. External companies may show their company name but not their logo.

  • The upper panel always shows the BASF logo on the panel’s left-hand side.
  • The second panel may contain the name of an external company in text form.
  • If needed, further panels can provide more information on the function of the building or the organizational unit
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GBH/IM Fairs
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