Companion brand (former field 2,3 brand)

Logo bar comes into the format from the right or left.

Logo structure for Companion brands

Both brands, the Corporate Brand BASF and the individual brand must be illustrated in the logo bar. They are separated by a white line. The size of the individual brand is defined. The vertical arrangement is intended only for exceptional cases with extremely narrow formats (e.g. app icon or extremely narrow roll-ups or digital banners). A detailed description of the Visualization of the Brand Architecture you will find here.

Place a white line between the BASF logo and the individual logo as a vertical or horizontal divider. The width of the line should be similar to the letter width of the BASF claim.
Use vertical arrangements only in case of limited available space (e.g. app icons)

Individual design elements

Companion brands may use additional individual design elements such as a specific image style, key visuals, graphic elements or additional coloring to support their communication of specific content and message.

Example: Bullets as individual design elements 

Next you find an overview of various media and the usage of the individual brands in these media. Furthermore you get the overall guidelines for image and promotional communication (brochures, ads, roll ups, ...). 

Please note: In functional communication (e.g., business letters) media specific guidelines apply. You find these guidelines in the defined section of the Brand Portal.




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