Visual Style

The visual style determines the appearance of BASF.

We have specific possibilities to strengthen the BASF brand in its appearance. As we are all ambassadors of the BASF brand

we should always ask ourselves: What strengthens the BASF brand and how can I contribute to this?

Startbild Visual Style.png
This video informs about the visual style that determines the appearance of BASF.

The visual style serves the following purpose

  • Improving the awareness of the BASF brand
  • Supporting the credibility of the BASF brand
  • Labeling the messages as BASF related

How do we do that?

  • Strengthen brand recognition and self-similarity
  • Simplicity is the key
  • Solid colored elements instead of linear elements
  • Usage of visual style elements

Elements of the Visual Style


Layout Principle

How to apply the logo bar.


Our typeface creates recognition.

Graphical Elements

Symbols, icons and info graphics, arrows and indicators, corporate graphics, illustrations.

Digital application

Pictures with digital content, avatars and chatbots, voices.
BASF plans to invest in a second production plant for tert-Butylamine (tBA) at BASF Specialty Chemicals Co. Ltd (BSNJ) in Nanjing, China. With this expansion, BASF’s global annual production capacity of tBA will increase by more than 30%. The plant is planned to start up in 2022 and will adopt advanced BASF technology which generates a minimal amount of by-products in an advanced production process. tBA is is used to produce vulcanization accelerators for the rubber and tire industry. It is also applied as a building block in the agricultural and pharmaceutical industries. Our photo shows the first tBA-plant at BSNJ’s Nanjing site.


Natural, truthful and interesting: Journalistic imagery.
water dropping from a hand

Film and animation

Make content understandable in audio and video.


Stylistic features of the corporate design elements are applied to the depictions of communication content (see examples below).


Helpful questions for the implementation:

  • Which statement should the picture or graphic element support?
  • Where is my message expressed?
  • What kind of visual metaphor can facilitate an abstract message (=not immediately to visualize)?
  • Is the suggested picture or graphic element relevant for the message or does it distract from the main message of the picture?


BASF's appearance has many facets. For this reason, we have developed a slider that allows you to assess for yourself how well you are transporting the BASF brand.



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